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  • Teachers to teach the music curriculum

Society for the Performing Arts

In the twenty-first century, the world recognized as a major role in educational organizations to help society in the idea "lifelong learning".

Our school has a mission to serve the community and to help it find its balance with the aid of culture and art.

Through the art we strive to educate such qualities in young people who build them as modern, European in spirit and open to artists worldwide.

We rely on three main principles in our work:
1. Modern - means what helps you to be up to date.
2. Traditional - means understandable and stable relationship with classical art from around the world.
3. Pragmatic - means that we not only teach young people to understand and to create art, but also to successfully realize their talent worldwide.

The School of Performing Arts is what provides a platform for the dreams of young people, what helps young people find themselves and what makes people successful.