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School of Performing Arts

Performing arts are art forms in which artists use their body, voice, or objects to convey artistic expression. The performing arts are those forms of art in which individual people perform separately or together. Performing arts are composed of a multiplicity of disciplines but all are intended to be performed in front of a live audience.

Education in the performing arts is an important part of many primary and secondary education programs and is also disposable as a specialisation at the tertiary level. The performing arts are key elements of culture and engage participants at a number of levels. The term includes widely recognised performing arts such as theatre, drama, music, dance, circus, opera, mime and professional wrestling, but can also include pantomime, musical theatre, stand-up comedy, marching band, and other similar artistic activities. They can be divided into three main divisions:

  • Music and Dance arts – the program includes teaching, artistic performance, creativity, research, and professional service. The School provides quality music and dance lessons.
  • Theatre arts – education in the creation and understanding of theatre, committing to artistic integrity, and responding to changing conditions and possibilities of theatrical and cinematic expression.
  • Cinema arts – a number of activities, including film screenings, visits from guest filmmakers and critics, and public events related to cinema. This kind of performing art instills a sense of discipline, teamwork, imagination and persistence that enables their contributions to our society to go well beyond their specific fields

Can be divided several minor sections as:

  • Design arts ;
  • Magic and Circus arts ;
  • Marching arts ;
  • Fine arts ;
  • Fashion arts .

Performing arts are often a core curriculum area in education. The aim is to teach students to express ideas and feelings that can not be expressed out loud. Performing Arts education needs to be sequential, from preschool to high school. Thus provides opportunities for students to make connections among the arts, with other disciplines within the core curriculum, and with arts resources in the community.

The School of Performing Arts fosters artistic excellence, interdisciplinary learning, socially engaged performance, and the spirit of collaboration.